"One of my favorite things about photography and videography is telling your story.

Maybe you've just had a baby and they now consume your whole world. I want to capture that feeling and emotion.

Maybe you're a senior graduating from high school embarking on a fresh new experience. Let me capture what defines who you are today and how that will shape your future. 

Or it's your wedding day; every moment you've spent in love with your partner has led to this day. I want to be there to capture those moments of joy and gushing emotion as you declare your love forever.

Every family, baby, couple, person we meet is totally unique.Your story is special. We love getting to know you and tell your story in photos and video that is just as unique as you. 

We consider it a blessing every day to do something we are so excited and passionate about." 

Zahnd Photography was established in 2011.
Aaron & Sarah live in northwest Missouri. They have two daughters and a son.